Successful Missions of Past Astronauts

Francesca’s sensory integration dysfunction greatly impacted her family’s ability to enjoy outings together.

“Prior to coming to the launchpad our family vacations would end in disaster. We didn’t understand it at the time but one of our daughters had sensory processing issues. A trip to the beach would end up with hysterical crying and “melt down” for an hour or so. Later we learned that our daughter had tactile defensiveness in which the feel of the sand against her skin was actually painful. After coming to the launchpad, we have no apprehensions about scheduling family trips, even with other families now!”

As a result of Sensory Integration Therapy at the LaunchPad, her wide emotional swings are rare, her family can go on outings and vacations, she is no longer distressed by clothing material, and she is free to be who she is and people enjoy being around her.

David’s difficulties with modulation of sensory input and self-regulation were greatly impacting his ability to thrive in a classroom setting.

“We were referred to the LaunchPad from my son’s school. He was starting to get in trouble, having a difficult time getting his work done in class, was acting silly, was beginning to get identified as “the bad kid” in class. After coming to the LaunchPad and having some of the sensory processing/self-regulation issues resolved, we left the last teacher conference proud of our son who is now showing up as a leader in his class.”

Ethan’s inability to effectively ideate, motor plan, execute, and process feedback (praxis), resulted in his need to control play with peers and disrupted his ability to make friends and enjoy typical social environments.

”Ethan is now less verbally controlling of his environment and therefore more easily builds relationships with peers. Attending restaurants with his family is an enjoyable experience now and can engage in play activities with peers. Ethan is no longer blamed for his behavior and has become an engaging and enjoyable boy.”