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We are highly skilled and trained therapists, passionately committed to launching your young astronaut toward fulfilling their mission to become a valued playmate, family member, and thriving student.



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What is Sensory Integration ?

Sensory Integration is an unconscious process of the brain that gives us meaning to what is experienced. It allows us to act or respond to a situation we experience through our senses in a purposeful manner.


Testimonials: Successful Missions of Past Astronauts

“We were referred to the LaunchPad from my son’s school. He was starting to get in trouble, having a difficult time getting his work done in class, was acting silly, was beginning to get identified as “the bad kid” in class. After coming to the LaunchPad and having some of the sensory processing/self-regulation issues resolved, we left the last teacher conference proud of our son who is now showing up as a leader in his class.”


The LaunchPad Therapy for Kids

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